Taxation and Estate Services

Our aim is to outline personalized options and suggestions to help minimize your current and future tax burdens.  We continually monitor changes in tax law and are confident that with our extensive experience can provide you with expert advice.


There are many advantages of incorporation that can be lost without effective tax planning. Our objective is to optimize your corporate and personal taxes so as to minimize your overall tax burden.

  • Corporate tax returns  Whether large or small, our team can optimize your tax return
  • Corporate reorganizations – There are options available to minimize taxes as a result of, or through the use of,  corporate restructuring.
  • Valuations -This process valuates a company’s assets for financial-reporting purposes.
  • Succession planning – Protect the value of your business with a succession plan.  Upon the death of a shareholder is too late to avoid potential tax burdens. Consult with us regarding strategies to preserve the wealth for the next generation.

Estate Returns

  • Testamentary trusts – Depending on the Will of the deceased, you may have to file a Trust return. Consult with us today to understand the tax impact of your current Will.
  • Inter Vivos Trusts – Family Trusts can be used to direct wealth to specific family members. Consult with us today to see if this is a viable option.


  • Personal tax returns – We specialize in preparing your taxes quickly and painlessly.  Our proactive approach ensures a minimized tax burden by making certain that you take advantage of all tax opportunities.
  • Retirement and tax planning – Our priority is to understand your overall financial affairs so that we can develop effective tax strategies to extend your wealth.
  • Planning for Death – People work all their lives to provide for their family, but many lose a significant portion of their wealth when it transfers to the next generation.  We will work with you and your family providing the best advice for the preservation and tax-effective transfer of family wealth and diminish income tax and probate fees at death.