Accounting Services


We provide a variety of assurance services to help you in your decision-making process, keep you accurately informed and reduce your risk.

Audits – Audits are necessary to fulfill requirements of stakeholders, bankers, creditors and government as mandated by Federal and provincial legislation.  Audits also help identify opportunities for improvement in controls over your business processes. Our CPAs will ensure that your financial statements present an accurate picture of your business’s financial position.

Review Engagement – Review engagements are required to fulfill the requirements of less demanding lenders, investors, and stakeholders to ensure that a company’s financial statements are plausible.

Financial Statement Preparation

Compilations – Compilations, also known as Notice to Readers, are typically for clients who operate their own business and do not have significant obligations to stakeholders. Financial statements are generated for the exclusive use of the company’s management and for income tax purposes.